Comb honey cassettes

System for comb honey hexagonal consisting of a carrier frame made of pine insignis with phytosanitary treatment (no chemical treatment, consisting of heat to destroy any larvae or insect timber) with hexagonal boxes made of fir wood, for the bees to build the honeycomb.

Langstroth frame with 7 hexagons Shallow super with 4 hexagons




Layens frame  Warre 'Delicatesen' frame



Manufacturability for any type of hive.

The frames have a bee holes to facilitate passage of bees from one side to the other of the frame and at the same time prevent them from doing those through holes in the hexagon.

Frame with a bee holes Detail of a hexagon
mielenpanal5 mielenpanal6

The approximate weight of honey in each hexagon is based on the number of frames to place on each honey super being an indicative average 300-320grs with 10 frames --- 400-450 with 9 frames and up to 510 grams with 8 frames.

Hexagon with 312grs Hexagon with 448grs



The hexagons have a small guide of wax, so that the bees begin construction right through the center of the frame.

The size of these hexagons is 120mm in diameter, and there is the possibility of 130mm but only for shallow supers with 3 hexagons.

The wooden hexagon Guide of wax
mielenpanal9 mielenpanal10

If desired, they can be provided without the wax guide.

Hexagons are also manufactured with different shapes or silhouettes, in this format when the use of beeswax entire surface of the hexagon is recommended.

Heart Scallop




Bear Mikey




Fatima's hand Hexagon full of honey



Hexagons full of honey
mielenpanal19 mielenpanal20


Combining multiple models Three hexagons full of honey
mielenpanal16 mielenpanal17

We also have a small size single-dose format designed for hotels, gyms etc which we call 'Delicatesen' with a diameter of 60 mm.

 15 small hexagons Detail single-dose model
mielenpanal21 mielenpanal22

In the frames to 120mm hexagons could be introduced three hexagons 'Delicatesen' as these are just together size of one of 120 mm.

3 small hexagons within a normal


For packaging containers have a hexagonal food use plastic.

Food use plastic
mielenpanal24 mielenpanal25

We also manufacture hexagonal wooden boxes with blind or transparent cover.

packaging in wooden box with blind cover packaging in wooden box with transparent cover
mielenpanal26 mielenpanal27

And for the most demanding can be customized with any company logo or drawing, excellent detail for personal or business gift.

mielenpanal28  mielenpanal29

mielenpanal30  mielenpanal31

mielenpanal32  mielenpanal33

mielenpanal34  mielenpanal35

Everything else bees do ...



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