Hybrid beehive

A beehive with an observation window, with the shape of the Kenyan top bar hive,ready to take up a shallow Langstroth super.

hibrida0 hibrida1

The drawback is that the Kenyan hive has no  full frames, placed him head and has already spoken of the problems that entails, so have equipped with whole frames for better handling and control.

Antivarroa bottom board with plastic grid and with the possibility of leaving open in summer for increased ventilation.

Double entrance in the brood chamber, cold and hot hive.

 hibrida2    hibrida4 
hibrida revisable 

Hybrid revisable hive

It goes with Langstroth shallow super for better handling, but also it can be placed deep supers.


Alberto Vidal—Karpinter.

Telf: 34 663 017 813